Yosef Karduner realized his passion for music early on. At age 13, Yosef began playing guitar and eventually learned the keyboard and other instruments as well. 

When he was 24 years old, after serving in the Israeli Army, Yosef was introduced to the teachings of Rebbi Nachman of Breslov zt’l, which fascinated him and infused him with a desire to learn more about Breslover Chassidus. These teachings quickly developed into the main source of inspiration for Yosef’s musical compositions. Comprised of Biblical texts, Psalms, and Rebbi Nachman’s teachings, Yosef’s songs blend together to create a plethora of music filled with hope, faith and joy. 

The famous and stirring ‘Shir La’Ma’Alot’ and many of Yosef’s songs are known far and wide, and are commonly performed by distinguished artists universally. 

Many have found in Yosef Karduner’s music the authentic ‘Song of the Soul’ through which they draw an elevated feeling of closeness to their Father in heaven.

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