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The Soul’s Desire was composed on a Chanukah night in the year of 5775, at the request of my friend Rabbi Baruch Klein, who told me that while learning the words of the Ramchal on Chanukah, he realized the secret of the miracle of Chanukah based on the words of Rav Elyashiv in his sefer on Tractate Sukkah where he writes: Due to the fact that the Mizbeach was destroyed, the lighting of the Menorah at the time of the miracle of Chanukah was not done as a matter of observing a mitzvah, but rather as a memory of the mitzvah. Nevertheless, Hakdosh Baruch Hu expressed his appreciation towards their desire to light the Menorah by miraculously causing the lights of the Menorah to burn for eight days. This miracle stands for us until our final redemption.


ואמנם כבר ידעת
שהנרצה יותר בעבודת הבורא יתברך שמו
הוא חפץ הלב ותשוקת הנשמה

You already know
that what is most desired in the service of G-d, may His Name be blessed,
is desire of the heart and longing of the soul.

ספר מסילת ישרים לרבי משה חיים לוצאטו
(הרמח"ל זצ"ל פרק ז